Let yourself be cared for with exclusive care products from Germaine De Capuccini and DMK that contain the highest concentration of precious ingredients. You get a radiant skin, slim silhouette and energy boost. After a personal analysis of your skin and / or body, you will receive a tailor-made program and tips for aftercare.

“A radiant skin, slim silhouette and an energy boost.”

Face care

Microdermabrasion is a mechanical peel to remove dead skin cells where the skin is treated under vacuum with a continuous flow of micro-crystals. The skin is given a precise and controlled peeling until the desired level is reached. This creates a new skin.

Microdermabrasion is used for:

– an improvement in the structure of the skin

– the fading of fine lines and the appearance of wrinkles

– impure skin, clogged and / or enlarged pores

– acne scars

– light pigmentation spots

– skin irregularities

– sun-damaged skin

Simildiet professional peeling is a treatment in which a thin layer of skin is removed in a controlled manner. It is an excellent means for skin improvement. The Peelings are not buffered, which means that they are much more intense and penetrate deeper into the skin. The Medical Peelings, however, contain fruit acids of a natural nature.

Simildite professional peels are used for:

-Coarse pores, Oily skin, Acne & Rosea skin-Caring & Photo-aging: Works on the blood flow, can reduce pigmentation, removes a dull layer from the skin. Regenerating / Depigmentation: Removes dead skin cells, improves skin condition and Ph value, reduces wrinkles. -Firming: Hydrates, firming and stimulates cell renewal.

Is a multifunctional platform with the ability to bring together three exclusive latest generation technologies that are effective and safe: R. Frequency (digital radio frequency), Vacuum Push-Pull and DTI (digital transdermal delivery system) system.

They all give you the opportunity to personalize a wide range of skin requirements with total guarantee and effectiveness:

On the face they minimize the problems of sagging, wrinkles (however deep they are), devitalization, toning, etc. You will achieve a younger facial expression in a few sessions.

On the body they reduce stubborn cellulite, stretch marks and weakness. They strengthen, renovate, drain, reduce muscle pain, aid postnatal healing, etc. You get a slim and redefined silhouette.

An automatic, minimally invasive microneedling device, which uses a module with 36 electrically powered microneedles to cause damage to the skin in a controlled manner to insert and regenerate collagen. At the same time, it stimulates better absorption of the active ingredients.

Microneedling is very suitable for:


tightening of the skin, including around the eyes

reducing / removing pigmentation spots

reduction of rosacea

(acne) scars

refinement of coarse pores

WHiTE is 100% natural & cosmetic. Harmless to the tooth enamel. No pain, No sensitivity, No peroxides. The durability of a treatment is on average 3 to 6 months (depending on everyone’s personal hygiene).

The Sculptural Face Lifting procedure powers the internal resources of the body for natural rejuvenation: it improves blood circulation and lymph drainage, increases microcirculation in the subcutaneous fat tissue and normalizes cellular respiration. In general, Sculptural Face Lifting massage gives such positive results: facial muscles relax and muscle tone returns to normal; spasms are removed, which in turn restore the natural posture of the face; appearance and elasticity of the skin improves by stimulating regeneration of skin cells and prevention of wrinkles. In addition, it supports the tightening and strengthening of the face, the procedure normalizes the psycho-emotional state of the client. The inner blocks and clamps are removed, stress and anxiety disappear.

This technique is based on the stimulation of the natural processes available to the skin itself to repair, repair and optimize.

– Anti-aging

96% faded wrinkles

– Imperfections

100% less imperfections

– Redness

100% less redness

– Hyperpigmentation

100% lighter stains

DMK is unique with this concept of using enzymes to rebuild the skin. Thanks to the power of the enzymes, the skin is rebuilt! All DMK treatments and products are designed to penetrate deep into the skin and to stimulate skin renewal at the CELLULAR level. This is done by the unique transport system and the active ingredients. DMK’s formulas work on three main systems: • MUSCLES of the face (muscle contractions) • BLOOD VESSELS (oxygen therapy) • LYMPHY SYSTEM (detox and drainage) DMK is THE skin therapy with guaranteed & natural results! Renew in a non-invasive way. It is not a “quick-fix”. It is a paramedical therapy, underpinned by botanical science, that can restore and radiate the skin with unique skin-specific formulas!

Life Coaching

Diosa Mind guides young and old with life questions and life themes, but is also there for you when you are going through a difficult period and are looking for a listening ear or simple advice.

Mental Coaching or Life Coaching is a form of guidance that ensures that patterns become clear, decisions are made easier or certain objectives are set out over time, and then they are realized step by step.

It is not always easy to indicate desires, wishes and ideas. Diosa Mental Coach helps you go through this process and take the associated steps.

Diosa Mental Coach focuses mainly on young people between 15 and 18 years old, but everyone is welcome for this inspiring and supportive form of coaching.

Sometimes an additional treatment such as massage can help you find peace of mind and body. Only by telephone appointment or by mail.

Body care

Stephanie Severino Fernandes (Diosa) followed this training in Portugal by a Brazilian woman Glauce Costa, 25 years in this profession. (only true Brazilian method) By means of fast and powerful actions, this technique improves the appearance of the skin, the tone, the body contour, the prevention and reduction of cellulite. This massage (Full body massage) promotes the remodeling of the corporal contours, thereby improving the circulation and oxygenation of the tissues.


• Eliminate edema (accumulation of fluids)
• Helps prevent cellulite
• Improve body contours and tones • Improves premenstrual syndrome (PMS)
• Detoxifies the body and removes toxins • Promote immunity
• Improving metabolism
• Improve digestion

The result is a healthier body, energized and detoxified from impurities.


• Any active cancer
• Severe allergies
• Terminal cancer
• Precancerous skin lesions or raised birthmarks
•Chronic infection
•Kidney failure
•Heart failure
•Liver disease

This classic massage gives you a great feeling. The perfect massage for stress relief. This massage uses long, rhythmic movements to promote better blood flow and create relaxation.

Many different styles and techniques will be used to relieve stress and sore muscles.

Smooth stones are heated and included in the massage. The perfect treatment to loosen tight muscles, relax the body and mind.

A pregnancy massage ensures a better night’s sleep, less back pain and pelvic complaints. This massage relieves load and reduces swelling. There is also a decrease in stress that makes relaxing easier. Research has shown that pregnancy massage ensures that you sleep better, produce less stress hormones, have less back pain and that fewer complications arise during delivery. Ideal from month 3…

First, the feet / hands are exfoliated and remove dead skin cells, giving you a soft and new feeling. Then a soothing massage is applied.

Body massage balances body and mind while the foot / hand massage focuses on the well-being of the internal organs.
Benefits :

– better circulation
– improve immune system
– less stiffness
– less stress, better sleep and a clear mind

In addition to a detoxifying massage, herbal stamp massage is also a very relaxing massage. The warmth of the stamps and the scents that spread the herbs provide this double effect.


The V steam (Vaginal) steam dates back thousands of years and can be seen in almost every indigenous culture. African, Maya, Greek, Native American, Philippine, Japanese and many other Asian countries have described the practice as V-Steams, Vaginal Steaming. These cultures have used V steam as a common ritual to honor and connect their feminine energy. Yoni stems can be used to restore balance and lift stagnation. Its popularity has grown in the West, and for good reason!

* Physical benefits of V Steam, vaginal steam:

• Helps restore bacterial and pH balance to help prevent infections, bacterial vaginosis, fungal infections and odors
• Reduction of pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation
• Reduces heavy periods

• Regulation of irregular or absent menstrual cycle
• Detoxification of the uterus and body
• Faster healing and strengthening of the reproductive system after delivery
• Tightens, tightens and tightens the vagina, cleanses the uterus and controls vaginal discharge.

* Emotional and spiritual benefits of V steam, vaginal steam
• Gives modern women the opportunity to reconnect with the ancestral wisdom of the womb
• Liberation from stored emotions and fear
• Access to the feminine energy that gives rise to our lively appearance
• Relieve tension and create a state of bliss
• Helps with insomnia
• Can aid in healing through sexual trauma
• Promotes sexual intercourse

Cupping or brewing is an alternative medicine in which a vacuum is created above a patient’s skin by placing heated glass or metal spheres on it. The air in these glasses then cools down, creating an underpressure.

The idea is that you stimulate blood flow and massage muscles and connective tissue loosely. It would also have an effect on the meridians, orbits in the body through which energy flows according to the teachings of acupuncture.

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